We love Labrador Retrievers!

It’s just that simple. Oh, there have been other breeds in our home -- Border Collies, German Shepherds, Borzois, and some mixed breeds, too – but ever since the 1980s when Dexter set his webbed chocolate paws in my lap to remind me there were tennis balls to be thrown, it’s been Labradors around here.

We’ve been blessed with wonderful dogs and will always be grateful to Lisa Weiss and Julie Quigley-Smith for 2 great ones who are our foundation: Ch. Lobuff Atlantic City Slicker (Drake) and Ch. Lobuffs Sandpiper at Hollyridge (Piper). These two gave us many exciting wins in the show ring and in turn have produced offspring who continue to generate excitement by excelling not only in the show ring, but also as assistance dogs, therapy dogs, and most importantly, as loving companions.

We’re lucky, too, that since retirement we’ve been able to devote more of our time to our dogs. We’re located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, where the dogs romp and swim pretty much every day year ‘round.

We do a little showing, a lot of training, and an occasional breeding.

When we breed, we aim for a balance of 3 vital factors: health, temperament and type, which is that quality that makes a Labrador unmistakably a Labrador. Each aspect requires appropriate emphasis so that focus on one does not result in diminishment of another. Once balance is lost, it is difficult to regain.

We strive to produce a beautiful dog that conforms to the standard set forth by the Labrador Retriever Club Inc., and that means a dog that is lovely both inside and out. In fact, the standard provides that

“True Labrador Retriever temperament is as much a hallmark of the breed as the ‘otter’ tail. The ideal disposition is one of a kindly, outgoing, tractable nature; eager to please and non-aggressive towards man or animal.”

Add optimal health and longevity to the combination of appealing appearance and personality, and you have a glimpse of the ideal Labrador we aspire to produce. We invite you to explore the photos and information about our beautiful dogs, and we hope you enjoy your visit to our website.



Piper and her 3 littermates, MBIS MBISS CH Lobuffs Puffin at Hollyridge, 2005's Number One Labrador and the all time Top Winning Labrador bitch, CH Lobuffs Bobwhite at Chucklebrook, and CH Lobuffs Eagle Has Landed at Chucklebrook all were invited to show at the 2007 Westminster KC show:
Quite an honor to the breeders of this stellar litter!