Glinda: Ch. Sherfire Gonna Be Popular (Ch. Lobuff Hollyridge Wizard of Oz X Sherfire Gift of the Sandpiper)
Glinda is a beautifully balanced granddaughter of Drake and Piper, who finished her AKC championship at the tender age of 25 months. Many thanks to Clint Livingston and his hard working team, who piloted her to that great result! She is royally bred and has a silly sense of humor that keeps us laughing every day. She and her Mama Joy like to pick oranges off the trees in the backyard and carry them, through the doggy door, into the kitchen. Glinda is OFA hips fair, elbows normal, EIC clear, PRA clear by parentage.

Hopi: Sherfire Kokopelli CGC (Ch. Lobuff Atlantic City Slicker X Ch. Lobuffs Sandpiper at Hollyridge)
“Lovely to look at, delightful to know”, in the words of a song from a Fred Astaire movie of some years ago, sums up our Hopi. She got the best of her lovely mother’s looks and her sweet father’s disposition. She was Best in Puppy Sweepstakes at the 2008 Labrador National, and scored her first major a week later at the New Mexico Sporting Dog Specialty. When I find a stuffed toy next to my pillow, it is Hopi who placed it there. She is a gem in the whelping box, too: she produced a beautiful litter that included Therapy Dog Hope and our Show Prospect Jasper. When that litter graduated to their pre-weaning diet, Hopi never missed a beat. She pitched right in to help nurse and clean sister Joy’s 2-week-younger pups, and continued to tend both litters until all the pups went to their new homes. Hopi is OFA hips good, elbows normal, EIC carrier, PRA clear.

Joy: Sherfire Gift of the Sandpiper (Ch. Lobuff Atlantic City Slicker X Ch. Lobuffs Sandpiper at Hollyridge)
Joy is truly a joy to behold. She has her mother’s beautiful head and her father’s muscular body type, and a fun personality all her own. She is athletic and balanced, and so moves as though she is floating. She will retrieve a tennis ball as long as someone will throw it, and she is the official hunter of any pigeons foolhardy enough to contemplate nesting in our shed. She won the points and was best of opposite sex at her very first set of shows, and retired from showing one major short of a championship. Her two litters have been remarkable, producing a champion, 2 service dogs (one still in training), Faith the Therapy dog, and Chili our silly show prospect, as well as some very well-loved and beautiful companions. Joy is also a great bed-warmer on chilly winter nights, although she does tend to hog the covers sometimes. Joy is OFA hips fair, elbows normal, EIC carrier, PRA clear.